Kim Strattford, Hopeless Romantic

Last Updated 17 August 2023

Hi and welcome to my page.
I'm a transplanted Seattleite who's lived in Northern Virginia for nearly three decades.
I recently started writing romances professionally, but I've been shipping characters in fanfic since 1999 and writing speculative fiction professionally since 2004.
Kim Strattford is my pen name for Romance. If you are interested in other
types of fic, check out Gerri Leen's website

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New Releases

ev0ke "The Spirit is Willing" May Issue. A ghost whisperer of a different kind. (Romance/Fantasy)

Available To Buy

"College Days" is part of the The One Who Got Away anthology (Cleis Press, 2016). Heat level: Erotic

"Flying Fast, Falling Hard" appears in Powerless Against You: A Romantic Superhero Anthology (Good Mourning Publishing, 2014). Heat Level: Sweet

"Georgia on my Mind" (Sensual, Paranormal) opens Stormy Island Press's Fated romantic fantasy anthology. A succubus finds herself in love with her incubus former partner--this can't end well. Can it? Heat Level: Sensual

"Keeping It Real" is one of many cool robot stories in Robotica: The Real Relationships of Artificial Life Forms (Pop Seagull Publishing, 2015). Heat Level: Sensual

"Flying Fast, Falling Hard" is part of Under the Cape: An Anthology of Superhero Romance (Riverdale Avenue Books, 2020) Heat Level: Sweet

"Kissing Toads" is one of several fairytale romances in Waiting for a Kiss: A Princess Fairy Tale Anthology (Fantasia Divinity, 2017). Heat Level: Sweet

Free Web Stories

Not sure if you're going to like my stuff? Try a free story. Website Exclusive -- Read it here. "At His Mercy" Lizabeth's husband was a brute, so the news that he's dead is not necessarily unwelcome. Unfortunately, his killer now controls her lands and life. But...could it be that he's a kind man? Could love be a gentle thing rather than something to be feared? SubGenre: Historical Heat Level: Sensual. Website Reprint -- Read it here. "The House on the Cliff" This was first published in Schlock Magazine's "Gothic" issue in 2011 under my other writing name Gerri Leen as a slightly shorter novelette. I grew up on gothic romances and I love things like Buffy and Harry Potter. It was only natural to schmoosh the two together. SubGenre: Paranormal Heat Level: Sensual. Website Exclusive -- Read it here. "Right in Front of Me" is a little piece of fluffy flash in time for Thanksgiving It was the inspiration for my longer piece in One Sweet Morning. Those familiar with my fanfic are free to view this as an AU **wink**. SubGenre: Contemporary Heat Level: Sweet. Website Reprint -- Read it here "Sparkage" This novelette was first published in the now out-of-print One Sweet Morning (Roane Publishing, 2018). She's judged every romance by the chemistry she had with a guy who was never more than a friend because he was with someone else. A guy who now is back in town and newly single. But is he really over his ex? SubGenre: Contemporary Heat Level: Sweet Website Reprint -- Read it here. "The Times In Between" first appeared in the now defunct Romance Magazine (, 2015). SubGenre: Contemporary Heat Level: Sensual. Website Reprint -- Read it here. "When the Sea Swallows the Sun" first appeared in the Summer's Sweet Embrace anthology (Roane Publishing, 2015), which is now out of print. Thought I'd share it with you if you haven't already read it because it's a fav of mine. SubGenre: Contemporary Heat Level: Sweet

Out of Print/No Longer Available

"The Times in Between" appeared in the now defunct Romance Magazine (2015). Heat level: Sensual

"Sparkage" is part of the One Sweet Morning anthology, a collection of spring romances (Roane Publishing, 2018). Heat level: Sweet

"When the Sea Swallows the Sun" opens the Summer's Sweet Embrace anthology (Roane Publishing, 2015). Heat Level: Sweet

Favorite Places

What do you need to know about me other than I write romances? I love animals, I love drinking tea, and I love to shop. Here are a few of my favorite places:

Friends of Homeless Animals One of my favorite rescue orgs, helping place animals in the D.C. metro area, and located in Northern Virginia. One of the few with its own shelter facilities.


I love tea. And I'm a tea snob. There I've said it. Give me single harvest, single source, quality loose leaf. I'll drink it with milk and sugar because it's my tea and I can take it how I like it. You do the same. If you want some quality vendors to support, especially in these challenging times for small businesses, here are links to the ones I frequent.

Floating Leaves Located in Seattle, specializing in teas from Taiwan. Lovely, lovely offerings. Also check out their podcast.

Nepali Tea Traders Nepali tea is so good it's often sold as Darjeeling by unscrupulous vendors. This site is a little more expensive than others but it's for a good cause: ensuring Nepali farmers make more for their tea and promoting education. I especially like their oolongs.

Tea Source A Minnesota staple, this is an excellent site and friendly for beginners, offering a wide variety of teas both single harvest and blended as well as herbal tisanes and teaware.

Trident Located in Boulder, this bookstore and cafe has a curated offering of quality teas and coffees. The owner is very knowledgable and can give recommendations if you are unsure.

What-Cha Tea Offering a wide range of quality tea, this is one of my favorite vendors. The range of options is amazing. Located in England, but shipping is reasonable (or sometimes free).

Whispering Pines A newer discovery for me and I'm still exploring this Michigan vendor's offerings, but the teas so far have been fantabulous and worth the money.

Zhen Tea Located in Canada, has one of the best selections of dark (heicha) teas I've come across. Their oolongs are also amazing. Specializing in Chinese teas. Price is a little higher than some places, but I've rarely been disappointed.

Zappos. First just shoes, then handbags and now a lot of things. I'm a VIP so I get overnight everytime but during the non holiday season, they often bump regular orders to overnight. They have huge selection and one of the best websites as far as actually seeing the product from all views. Love them!